Brakes experts

At Car Service Centre we understand the importance of regular inspection and maintenance of your brakes. We have on-site brake specialists who are fully-trained and committed to maintaining your brakes in an expert and cost-effective manner.

Whether you drive a car or a van, vehicle braking systems involve many different components that work together to help you stop and manoeuvre your vehicle. Components that we look after, repair or replace during a brake inspection include; a master cylinder, servo, brake callipers, brake fluid and cylinders, discs, drums, pads and shoes.
We perform regular brake checks as we feel they are an important part of any vehicle’s maintenance plan.
Brake checks can identify a problem before it begins to impact on your braking efficiency.

Our brake inspection generally includes the examination of how much wear your vehicle’s brake pads, shoes and brake discs have had against the manufacturer’s specifications.

We then provide industry standard advice on the best possible options to restore the condition and efficiency of your brakes so that they return to the original manufacturer’s specification.

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