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9/10 cars on the UK roads today have some form of miss-alignment.
85% of cars on the road have a toe alignment problem
Have you thought about getting your car or van checked for alignment issues?

What is wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is adjusting the angle of the wheels to the vehicle manufacturer’s specification. In short, it makes sure that the wheels point the right way and sit correctly. Many people are unaware of the dangers of having a misaligned wheel or wheels.

The dangers of miss-alignment

Typically, cars with poor alignment suffer from:

  1. Uneven tyre wear on the inner and outer shoulder of the tyre, meaning the tread goes below the legal limit on the outside before the rest of the tyre. This means that you are changing your tyres more often than required.
  2. Unpredictable and less safe vehicle control – if wheels are pointing slightly the wrong way, there will be a lot of vibration through the suspension.
  3. Vehicle will drift to one side, even though you think you are driving straight.
  4. When driving straight your steering wheel will be angled to the side.

Benefits of getting wheel alignment

  1. Cost effectiveness. If your car is badly aligned, tyres will wear out far more quickly than what they should. For the relatively small cost of adjustments, it easily outweighs the cost of replacing a tyre more frequently, and allowing the problem to continue.
  2. Peace of mind. Your car will drive straight and handle properly thus making every journey safe.
  3. Accuracy – with our 4 wheel laser aligner by Hunter, you can be assured that every adjustment made is accurate to 0.01 degree and within the manufacturers specification. With fully trained professional technicians, every adjustment will be 100% accurate.

Hunter 4 wheel Laser alignment

Our brand new state of the art 4 wheel laser alignment ramp is one of the flagship models available. That coupled with fully trained professional technicians to carry out wheel alignment checks and adjustments mean that you get an accurate and professional service.

  1. Alignment adjusted to the manufacturer’s original specification.
  2. High degree of accuracy with laser technology than any other method of alignment.
  3. Alignment that is within manufacturer specification will show as green on the screen, anything that is out of alignment will show red.

You can watch your wheel alignment live on the monitor in reception area while you wait!

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